Welcome to Coterie Consulting, the heart and soul of community building! Our passion is to help you transform your community into a thriving, sustainable, and profitable entity. As the advisory arm of Coterie Builders, we provide expert consulting services that are customized to your unique needs.

Our team of experienced consultants offers a range of services, including strategy development, community engagement, and community-led growth. We work with you to create personalized solutions that will help your community achieve its goals and reach new heights.

At Coterie Consulting, we believe that building a community is more than just a job – it’s a calling. We offer a consulting process flow that would enable you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed, and we are committed to seeing you through every step of the process.

our services

We offer the following advisory services:

Community Building Plan

3-hour (half-day) consultancy with you and your team to work on your community-building strategy and create a 90-day implementation plan.

Investment: N350,000 or $500

Community-Led Growth Plan

A hands-on consultancy to work with your team to develop your community-building strategy and be responsible for co-implementation and execution. In 6 months, we will work with you to launch and grow your community, train your community managers and marketing team, and build a paying tribe.


Services Rendered in this Program

  • Community building strategy development 
  • Target market research
  • Business development and product ecosystem creation
  • Community growth funnel development
  • Develop community launch plan 
  • Community building and management 
  • Organising community events
  • Monthly and weekly accountability workflows
  • Develop initiatives and campaigns
  • Project management for all initiatives and projects

3rd Party Services

  • Brand identity development
  • Website development
  • Photography and videography services
  • Content marketing and digital marketing services
  • Podcasting services
  • PR Services
  • Recruitment services e.g, Community Manager
  • Train Community Manager and Marketing Team

Join the our community today and take your community to the next level!